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Friday, November 2, 2012

Suitcases 1

With mobile phones and internet, going off on a holiday is changing. You're not letting go of your 'old' life entirely. But holidays still help you step away from the daily grind and look at what you're doing, accomplishing, heading towards etc. from a distance. The change in daily routine still is characteristic for a holiday and it helps you feel like a different person. Hopefully you'll meet the 'real you' that got covered under the dust of daily life.

But how do you look at your life from that safe distance when your budget is too low for an actual journey? When the only trip you can take is to the supermarket, or maybe a cup of coffee at that one lunchroom where you've never been before? That is.. if the costs aren't so high that it makes you worry about your financial state even while sitting and smelling that magic aroma?

Mental suitcases... that's all that's left.


I see I'm at a two track station here.... I can elaborate on the concept of mental suitcases, or on how to take a break from life and take a holiday in your own home. Will I end up at different points, or will my conclusion be the same, no matter what road I take?

True to my standard mental processing I will take the ride that is less fun, and might remain unexplored if I don't dutifully choose it....  but deeper inside I only agreed to this because I sense that the mental suitcases just lie waiting for me at the end of this ride....

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