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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Realitiy is no longer allowed to enter my house

Reality is how we make it

   "Let's be realistic"   I've heard the line so many times.   Too often it is used to shut down beautiful plans, plans that could have created happiness. 
It is bull shit. A self fulfilling prophecy: if you start working on your dreams filled with the notion that you are actually crazy and unrealistic ... you WILL fail, concluding that those who had warned you were right. You might even join their ranks and discourage others with that same line.

   Reality, dear people,  is not a given thing.  It's under construction.   And people's attitudes are the most important tool in shaping it and making it either beautiful or harsh and cold.
   It's hard to explain how reality is everything but reality...  I hope a simple example will do the trick. 

   Imagine yourself asking somebody for a loan for a fun and sort of crazy business plan you've got.  Inside you wonder whether it will work out and whether it is actually right to borrow money for it.  The person whom you are asking for a loan,  will sense this.  And it will affect his judgment of your plans: he sees someone who is not strong enough to carry out the businessplan. So you will not get the loan.
   Had you felt inspired and energetic, ready to give your all to your new business, this positive energy could have affected the other person and a "yes" , the loan,  would have been likely.
   Carry that happy attitude throughout your business and its chances of succeeding are so much better..   Your crazy plans have BECOME reality!
    In other words:

Your attitude shapes Reality!!

   Please assume a positive attitude as often as you can. 
   That is actually like the Buddhist Karma.... positive behavior  from you,  creates a world with more positive vibrations.  Karma is not a reward system, you will not be paid back directly, one deed for another.  But a world with more positive vibrations will affect your life too.

The drawback of shaping Reality together

   Yes, this used to be my vision on Reality.  However there is a problem ...
   There are still too many people who hold on to a negative attitude. The "I believe it when I see it" attitude of skeptics who cannot accept a true fact when the mechanism behind it is not proven by science.
   The cowardly "as long as I'm not hurt" attitude , used by people who cling to silly bureaucratic procedures, so they will not be blamed when things go wrong.  Even though this might hurt others.  (Actually, this attitude opens doors for wars and genocide).
   The list of negative attitudes is endless, let's not sum them all up. It makes me, and you, too sad to function.  Those negative people don't want to get you down intentionally, but the result is the same.

   I am about to have a serious relapse in my burn out  just by trying to break through barriers thrown up by employees of  two important and several minor organisations.  It wears me out.
   Conclusion: one person's positive energy cannot outweigh the rigidity of many who cling to procedures for their own safety. 

   Now if there was a strong network of positive thinkers who could help each other get up again, help each other fight for a more positive Realitiy ... like that V-shaped flock of geese who are taking over when the one up front is tired...    [they do cross many many miles that way! ]   .. yes, then I might just make it.  But I'm not in such a network right now. I don't even know if there is one.

cc  by-nc 2.0  phot by JB Banks  Text Joyce Meyer 

A desperate attitude

   My new attitude towards Reality is to avoid it.  Negative, maybe. It look like I actually did join the ranks of those who want to feel safe. The difference is that I will not be applying senseless rules and procedures dictated by realistic people.  On the contrary.
   My (soul) home's my castle. Reality  - in any hideously disfigured shape -  is not welcome here.  If it forces itself a way in...  it will be thrown out a.s.a.p. And given the silent treatment until then. I can no longer invest in trying to turn wrongs into rights. Please pass me by!

   This blog and my new parallel blog inspired by trees and flowers,   will cover only dreams and hopes and all "things impossible" from now on!!

I now fully agree with Dorothy Gilman's  'Miss L'Hommedieu' :

"Once I met with Reality
and found it so chilling
that I have avoided it
ever since."

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