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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soul Selling

As copywriter, on the look out for more customers, I decided it was time to update my portfolio. So I decided to trace one of my most recently written texts with a plagiarism detector. Lo and behold... I found one. To my dismay someone else had claimed the text as his!! A certain Philip Rutghers van Renkum.
I decided to track him down, the trickster.... after all, I'm a copy writer, not a ghost writer!

It was made easy for me, Philip had attached a link to his name.... and there he was...

All of a sudden I blushed, seeing my mistake.... Philip's the Ghost, not me.
He is only existing by the grace of search engines and the techniques of SEO specialists to increase the chances of being found on internet.

Yet it stung..... I, who had sworn never to become a ghost writer, had suddenly become one. For a moment I felt I had sold out my Soul.

New Hope

I've dreamt last night that three attempts were made 
that would make one of my dearest dreams
[in real life]
come true.
The third attempt was a success.

So I went through my chores today
with more hope than I've had of late.

While I was busy getting rid of the muck and dirt
produced by daily life
a little white butterfly appeared from among the garbage bins.
Even 'though the weather's wet, cold and windy
and the butterfly season is over.

This white ethereal creature
performed a little dance and settled down
on a dark gray tile.
Only one inch from my bare foot.


Friday, September 13, 2013


I'm too busy for blogging. I'm preparing my beloved attic for Short Stay vacations and Bed and Breakfast for people who arrive at impossible hours at Schiphol Airport. I'll list it on several sites. Air BnB for instance...
It means I'm living downstairs from now on...

Yet....I did have time for a drawing today.
Did I have time? No, I had a need to do something artistic instead of practical ....