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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Change of Address

I have moved, exchanging my spacious home for a small apartment, just big enough for myself. Because of it I had to leave many things behind, but that's no problem. Or rather... that was the whole point!

My spacious house held many visitors. With the abundance of empty space they felt free to drop off their belongings, causing a cacophony of opinions, demands, constraints, rules and reprimands. So loud it became impossible for me to hear my heart song or find my own authentic voice.

Now I snuck out and moved into this teeny tiny apartment, overlooking the city, with a gorgeously wide open sky above it. I'll be staying here alone for a while, to find back my own voice, but soon the door will be open again. For my real friends. 
 They won't mind the stairs are too narrow for their suitcases, because they don't want to drag it all upstairs to leave it for me to tend to. Or to open it up and spill the unwanted content over my living room floor. 
My friends just come for exchanging ideas, comparing experiences and sharing laughter and tears.

I hope they will smile and hug me long and honestly as I -and I alone- will open the door for them. And that when we part it will be to live through new adventures to share.


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