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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Politics, presidents and personal paths

In my own little personal country, the function of president is shared by two ministers: the minister of internal affairs (MIA, JoAnne L.) and the minister of foreign affairs (MFA, Jo J.), alternately

The MFA has saved the country from a huge debt recently. The  unjust debt was due to an error of one of the foreign 'business relations', the Dutch Tax Authorities. It took three months to reach the right person who could both listen and DO something, and ultimately the battle was won.  The MFA is now in retreat, as much a necessity as it is deserved.

So now  the MIA is acting as president. Economy and labor  are not on the agenda right now. Health and Art have the highest priority instead, while Environment is an important third item on the list.

Anyone who wants to contact the MFA will have to do so through the MIA.