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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Unstuck

This morning I sat in a hall of the train near the entrance, on my way to work. With Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book on my lap, I was staring into space thinking about how to get ‘Haesito in Medio’ unstuck.
Just then the conductor went by and winked at me. I smiled back at him, letting the moment pass by as just a funny meeting. Suddenly I got hold of the moment's tail just in time. “No” I corrected myself, “I’m going to accept this wink as a gift, of a fellow human being who obviously likes me and wants me to know it. It’s a GREAT gift and I’m really happy with it.”
Such a simple decision, on such a small thing … a wink. It caused a burst of positive energy and it helped me look at my unfinished story from a different viewpoint. It means rewriting part 1 and 2 a bit, but it’ll be so much better afterwards!

As for part 3… be patient.  I'm putting on my sealskin for I have heard the call of the Old Seal from the sea. And only when I have refound my soul and replenished my heart again, will I be back.
Those who know the works of Clarissa P.E. will know what I'm talking about. And those who don't ... read the book. (Women Who Run With the Wolves).  I've read it from beginning to end twice. Wow! Now I pick the chapter I need, just like taking the right kind of medicine when being ill.

I know I've chosen the right chapter. It mentions "injured animal dreams". I've had one several days ago. One that still lingers on my retina. My pet wasn't hurt in the sense that he was bleeding or -almost- dying . But his chest was open and empty. He had no lungs and worse: no heart! Yet he looked lively and was jumping around my living room like lightning. He could only last for a short time, he badly needed treatment. The animal was too fast for me however and nobody wanted to help me catch the little 'bugger'. His speed made everyone think he was alright.
I know what it means, I didn't call myself the Queen of Unfinished Projects for nothing. After reading the Sealskin Soulskin chapter, I know I have to pay heed to these signals. So I am packing my virtual valise to spend some time in Solitude.

Here's a photo of some artwork I made, inspired by that very same book:

La Llorona

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