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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking a Break

... at home.
Yes, I have to do it. Go on a holiday at home. Simply lay down my worst chores and trade them for some things long overdue.
It's not my son who is tugging at my sleeve, nor my mom or brother. It's me I can't say 'No' to.

I'm trying to build three cities in one day. And when it's not finished before midnight, I'm so annoyed with myself. Suppose I would succeed... it would be done by 'overcropping'. My buildings would be there, but their foundations would be shaky.  And I'm getting to be like that too. By listening to that silly part of me that uses fear and greed as motivators.

I'm retracting my 'short notice' of two weeks ago, I'm going on that holiday!  Where am I going to? I'm going to see  [ sea ;)  ]  whether letting go and NOT working on my dreams with full force is more constructive for them than all my latest investments have been. Funny... I've been here before, I'm back at the well once more

I've already started packing my suitcase: I bought two large plywood planks today... Never worked with my planks on an easel, but I have my mom's easel for working with pastel standing downstairs. Starting this weekend... I'll have dirty hands and jeans but there'll be a tune humming in me. My 'Heartsong' as Matty Stepanek called it.


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