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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is Hope Enough?

Hope is the greatest gift is what Danielle Steel cites in her -autobiographical- book about Yo! Angel! her organization for supporting homeless people in San Francisco.

I know that hope gets me sitting up again, when I'm lying on the bottom of a well.  But is it enough?

A faint flicker that things may turn out right in some distant future, that life does have nice things in store, not just pain and loneliness... Personally I don't think it suffices. I've lived with hope all my life and it made a nice umbrella to keep away the raindrops. But now that I must weather a storm the umbrella is useless.

Hope may make me sit up again, crawl around a bit ...  but I still have to wait for someone to lower a rope into the well.
I need something that makes me climb out of the well all by myself. Something that makes me lean against the storm and walk through it, no matter how slow the progress may be.
What I need is Belief !  Belief that my life will  -not: might -  turn out 'all right' if I work on it.  Belief that my struggle is justified. 

Where is the fire of the blacksmith to forge my Hope into Belief ?

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