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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Bringer of Good Tidings

The bearer of bad news takes the risk of being killed.
But what about the bearer of good news?

It's easy to mistake the messenger for the message. Or at least to see them as a package deal.
I mean, we're only  human mammals.  Like the dogs of Pavlov, who knew the bell and food were connected - for a while at least.  Until the bell tolled but there was no food.
How long did it take the dogs to stop thinking of food at the sound of the bell?

How easy is it to lose your heart to the person who brings good news. Someone who makes you happy tends to become special, especially if you are surrounded by negativity ...   but it was the message you had to cling to, the information was something to incorporate in your life.
The messenger may hang around for a while. For a rest, or out of curiosity. But as a general rule (s)he is not connected to you nor to the message and thus is not meant to stay in your life. Be smart and don't focus on the bearer of good tidings while letting what they delivered grow stale.
Because ... do you have any idea how much it may cost you to get over letting go of the messenger?

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