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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Choosing a name for this woman proved to be a problem. I thought of  'Steppin Out' or maybe 'Jalf' or ... . 

Only five months ago, she took another look at herself and decided not to play the hiding game anymore. 
Not to let her life be shaped by others, letting them discard her deepest Soulself as waste. 
She rolled up her sleeves, digging deep into the clay, to become the sculptor of her own life. Rewriting the script that seemed so obvious to the world. 
She stepped out of the garbage bag she had thrown her Self into.

With this inner change came other changes. Some came easily, merrily, others took -and still take-  their toll in trials. 

These changes are not the end of the Journey, they are just the beginning, the check-in. Like she's on the eve of a new life.
That's why I call her EveNew Year's Eve.   

She's the goddess of personal change

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