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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes

The story “The Essence of Incense” is based on some true facts. While I was writing a letter to myself, my way of dealing with a problem, I was playing around with incense. Very much like Chris did.
Suddenly I saw the parallels between the way I dealt with the incense and the way I had been dealing with something else, making it a painful experience instead of a pleasure. In that moment I became Collin.
Since Chris is just a kid, I didn't want his father to bother him for too long, with too many rules. But in reality I came up with 8 mistakes I had been making! From those mistakes I made up a list of helpful hints, that I am putting into practise.

Whether you are working on any kind of dream or relationship with someone, maybe you can use these hints too...

  • Don't lose track of your dream nor ruin it by being greedy.

  • Enjoy what you've achieved already. Don't let fear of what might come later on, rob you of that joy.

  • Dare to let things evolve without interfering. Because your interventions may not always be right (they are often prompted by fear or greed)

  • The flame of love, between you and your friend or your dream, is sacred, no matter what it's final shape will be. Handle the flame with great care. 
  • Focus! Don't invest in anything worthless.

  • Everything needs time to grow. Be patient.

  • Set aside your expectations and ideas. That way you give the other room to show what (s)he is really like.  (S)he may be even better than you thought.
  • Don't give in to reactions like fighting or fleeing. Welcome the Unknown and the Unexpected.

Life will give you so much more when you don't manipulate.

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