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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Curiosity Dyed the Cat

   He eyed me with suspicion this morning, while I cut my hair short with my clippers. Of course I use a machine that leaves me with  a decent hair length, I don't want to be mistaken for a marine.
And neither does Diego.  He's not vain, but he doesn't want anyone to meddle with his long persian fur coat. Only cat tongues are allowed to groom it. His hair is real beautiful: when he bobs through my living room, he reminds me of a waving curtain.   - That doesn't sound very beautiful, but there is too much of a comic book caricature in him, to use poetry -
Anyway, Diego likes his fur and wants to keep it as it is. So this morning he had no trouble surpressing his natural curiosity and stayed miles away from me while my hair was covering more and more ground around me.  His relief when the clippers fell silent was profound.

But brief. As soon as I had finished the cutting, I prepared a paste of henna, mixing it with vinegar, and applied the brown greenish muck to my head. Now I didn't just look silly, I smelled bad too.
Diego still had no lust to come closer. He just counted himself lucky that the female human is not the one responsible for his coat.
Since I kept on wearing the stuff on my head, I was a fashion enemy that had better be left alone.   So against his habit,  Diego let me go through the process of washing dishes on my own -someone with an academic background should not be thinking about dirty dishes so often. ;)   But I can't help it: dirty dishes are like the seven heads on a dragon: you may get rid of them, but they grow back in no time. -

It was while I dried my hands with the towel that I spotted the little prince jogging around with an odd looking  green blob in his coat.  Had he come from the litter box, I wondered. But he didn´t smell that bad... I tried to rub him clean with a paper tissue. The stuff gave off an unmistakable orange stain.
While Diego had considerd me a Dangerous Presence, a thorough inspection of the smelly paste could do no harm, he thought. After all, as a cat you have a reputation about curiosity to hold up...

Alas for the prince. the paste had dried up and matted his fur, so I had to take the scissors and clip away a bit, misshaping his coat. Fortunately his grows back.

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