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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Philosophical exercise 3 [S-series 7]

   Separate or intimate? 

    Sounds like I'm going to write about couples, married most likely.
No, I am thinking of a different couple: body and spirit. Or body and mind.
Some people like to think of these two as separate entities. An intimate relationship with your own body?   Ridiculous!  That used to be my answer. My mind was my mind and my body was only holding it back from going at full speed.
     Until I ran into the concept of Sensory Processing Disorder. Before that I thought that anyone who said he felt good with his body, was making it up, faking it. From the work of dr.Jean Ayres I came to understand that it does exist. And that some people have a hard job to do, if they want to build up an intimate relationship with their body.  work on dealing with the information from the vestibular organ, from the skin, proprioceptive signals... 
    And SPD is not the only cause of bad body-spirit relationships. Badly lined up vertebrae can cause the most amazing disturbances in body awareness and signals. So if you think as I used to, find out what is keeping your body and spirit apart.
     Not just to feel good. These signals determine matters of the mind, of the psyche too.
Bad balance can make one insecure and touchy. Low proprioception doesn't help you build up an image of your-'self'.  And what about children who have trouble reading, cannot determine the sequence of the letters on a line?  There is an exercise called "letter walking": large letters are laid down on the floor and the child has to stand on the letter in the middle or the first letter, etc. The spatial exercise helps the child to get a grip on the spatial organisation of words, lines, even pages in a book.
    Since body and spirit just cannot be separated, you better make sure to get as intimate with your body as you can.  Intimate as in close or warm friendship or understanding; personal relationship. [From Collins / reverso ]    So that your spirit has a body to express itself with and the body may 'know' that it's signs are well understood, appreciated and used for prosperity of 'its person' as a whole.

    The reason to bring up the subject is because the next S-series post is going to start with the concept of a "docile body".... how can a body be made docile by outsiders?  

    To turn this post into an exercise, here is a question:
Understanding, close contact, communication, with your own body makes your spirit healthier.   
Can we keep up this argument when moving from one individual to two...

In other words:
*  Can we keep body and spirit separated in relationships ? What kind of relationships are we dealing with in those cases?

*  Can close intimate physical contact make the spiritual relationship of a couple stronger and healthier?     If yes, how ?

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