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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let me put it straight

Let me try to keep it short and sharp...

When I talk about Knowledge versus True Knowledge... I make the following distinction:

What is socially accepted as knowledge is 'reasoning', calculating, extrapolating. The type of thinking we learn at school and university.  Reasoning is made up of theory and theory contains assumptions that might be wrong... unless someone smart built his theory on True Knowledge :)

Reasoning should actually be called 'believing'  and the theory is just a way to persuade ourselves to believe in our socially accepted knowledge, our conformistic state.

True Knowledge is an inexplicable insight. It is there suddenly, often accompanied by a physical experience rather that words or reasoning. It's a gut feeling, the prickling in your thumbs, the curling of your toes. It comes in a flash, it's a hunch.
It is not the thought that comes up when you are afraid. Fear blocks True Knowledge.
 "Fear is a poor advisor", keep that in mind. It can make you do silly things.  So, when Fear is giving you advise, just look it in the eye and say "I know who you are. And I'm not falling for your trick. I'll think about things when this wave of panic is over."
A quote from "Conversations with God"  is more appropriate: "from a peaceful mind do great ideas flow – ideas which could be solutions to the  biggest problems you imagine yourself to have"
True Knowledge might be like telepathy... It is quick and powerful.  Hard to grasp. It may send you a warning, but it doesn't put you in a fearful state!

My experience is that working from those flashes of True Knowledge, quick insights, actually gives energy. That's why I like to get into situations where I have to rely on that. Impro sessions, getting lost in a town I don't know, writing about something from my instincts, without thorough research. The sense of heightened energy that you have in those moments where you apply your intuition with success. It is then that  my acting and thinking are flowing together in concert, no clash but harmony.

Whenever I feel numb or overworked I long for quick short meetings with people I never met before. That's why I like going into Amsterdam. Just to look at 'new' people, people I have no relation with,  I have no past with. Because this track record makes me adapt my behaviour. When going through  busy streets, all I need to do is smile and have people smile back at me. Understandingly and ... Knowingly.  Is that why a smile can work wonders? Because it comes fom the same land (i.e. part of the brain or psyche) as True Knowledge?

If a smile is not enough for you:  talk to strangers. First talks and once-in-a-lifetime meetings are always so different, they can be so spontaeous and honest. If you don't mind that your story enters the life of someone you'll never meet again.  Enjoy those opportunities.

OK, I'm being negative on the knowledge that we as a society build up.  It can be correct too, especially because many 'gut feelers'  work on bending it straight.But.. I just mean to say: it is not as good and holy and faultless as some people may tell you. Take it with a grain of salt.
When there is a split up between what you've been taught, what you can come up with by reasoning,  and what you feel deep inside,  give this deep inside feeling a chance. It deserves that respect.

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