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Monday, September 3, 2012

Pit(y) or Well?

pit (n.1) Look up pit at
"hole," O.E. pytt "water hole, pit," from W.Gmc. *puttjaz "pool, puddle" (cf. O.E. putti, O.N. pyttr, Du. put, Ger. Pfütze), early borrowing from L. puteus "well, pit, shaft." Meaning "abode of evil spirits, hell" is attested from early 13c. Pit of the stomach (1650s) is from the slight depression there between the ribs.
pit (v.) Look up pit at
mid-15c., "to put into a pit," from pit (n.1); especially for purposes of fighting (of cocks, dogs, pugilists) from 1760. Figurative sense of "to set in rivalry: is from 1754. Meaning "to make pits in" is from late 15c. Related: Pitted; pitting. Cf. Pit-bull terrier, first recorded 1945. This also is the notion behind the meaning "the part of a theater on the floor of the house" (1640s).
pit (n.2) Look up pit at
"hard seed," 1841, from Du. pit "kernel, seed, marrow," from M.Du. pitte, ultimately from W.Gmc. *pithan-, source of pith (q.v.).

I'm interested in the concept of  wells, wateringholes or pits. THey're so important: life giving. Yet they obviously have a bad reputation. It is this ambiguity that fascinates me.  If I have any faithful readers, they might know that I like to point at the weakness of things that are usually regarded as positive and I like to throw some good light over supposedly dark matter. I'm now feeling trapped by my own thinking... 

Suffering, being down, feeling depressed does it serve a purpose? Can it really bring good to anyone. Others or myself? 
Do I really find beautiful gems at the bottom of the well where I reside, or am I only learning to get out of it by closing my eyes for the truth, for my mistakes? Is my 'belief'  an empowering faith or is is just a fancy way of lying to myself... 
It's something I am writing about, in my head. Maybe in a day or so I will be able to write about it on my blog.... I have thinking and feeling and sorting to do. 
Which I will start right now :)


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