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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Forgiveness, the daughter of Love [S-serie 1]

Doing some profane and simple work gives my thoughts a chance to roam. I don't remember which route my thoughts had taken this time, but I can't overlook their conclusion: Forgiveness must be the daughter of Love.
I guess as a Christian I might state that Forgiveness is the Son of God.
But that doesn't alter my train of thoughts... Hop on please. The ride is free!

Forgiving means disregarding -out of Love !- your principles, your requirements, your own limits and limitations as you decide to keep on passing on your positive feelings to the one who has transgressed your moral boundaries. You give respect, help, kindness... [all friends of Love] in spite of it all. Freeing the other of Love's opponents, like  Guilt and Shame. And yourself of maybe Anger, Vengeance, Victimhood, Disempowerment.
If you forgive the right way, you are serving a cup of humility for two.

Some claim the idea that a deed needs forgiving is the worst way of thinking: because it means judging the deed as bad. Where being 'unjudgemental'... forgiving would be redundant, even impossible. There is nothing to forgive.But that is going a bit too far, even for me, who likes to stretch things. 
For instance, I like to argue that obedience is actually a bad habit. Because it includes acting without taking your own ideas into account. It is following blindly. I prefer people who think and decide on complying only if the act agrees with their own conscience. What else is a conscience for?
[And.. we have a conscience around 9 years of age... please allow children to practise living with it!! Don't force them into obedience.]

You may not always be knowledgeable enough for deciding by yourself. In that case you should only act out of trust. Trusting the one who gave the order.
Obedience doesn't necessarily include trust. It is more often done out of fear for punishment. By some powerful person, like the class bully. Or for being sanctioned by the social group you belong to, the group that issued the order. That can be a group of schoolmates, your family, your country. Or your religious group.

And Fear... is the antagonist of Love.

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