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Friday, April 27, 2012

Philosophical Exercise 2 [S-serie 2]

Just something one can think about, to stop his mind from ... doing something else.

Belief can live well without Proof. What is Proof anyway?  A self acclaimed king, whose throne is made up by assumptions. One assumption may some day turn out to be wrong and the king will fall flat on his face.  Proof is as biased as Hell.
True Knowledge isn't built upon theories filled with assumptions. It's a gut feeling. And it's Belief's helper.

Veel wordt bewezen dat toch in de grond niet waar is
en veel is eeuwig waar ofschoon het bewijs niet daar is 
P.A. de Genestet (1829-1861)

Many things are proven even though they are untrue 
and many eternal truths will remain unproven for all time

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