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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Late Bloomer and Misfit

The drawing was made about 20 years ago. 
It's called "Waiting For The Day..."

Extract from Mulan (c) 1998 Disney Enterprises Inc. 
Voice: Soon-Teck Oh as Fa Zhou

And this tulip is worth a closer look...

I've made the drawing and the photo myself.
The audio clip is an extract from Mulan  (c) 1998 Disney Enterprises Inc.
Voice: Soon-Teck Oh as Fa Zhou

Though this recording is subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because:
  1. It doesn't limit the copyright owner's rights to sell the film in any way, in fact, it may encourage sales.
  2. Because of the length of the recording, it cannot be used to make illegal versions of the movie or soundtrac.
  3. The recording is part of the subject of the article, which is not used for commercial purposes.

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