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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Science and Technology [S-serie 3]

"The problem that keeps churning and churning in my 
mind is, How can I ever instil enough love and warmth
and sunshine into those bleak little lives? And I am not 
sure that the doctor's science will accomplish that."
'Dear Enemy' Jean Webster 1915

Since keeping faith in Someone who is rarely physically present is hard, it's understandable that many people discard religion. 
But having nothing to believe in, no greater power to trust, is just as hard. Not rarely is a more secure, calculable replacement sought to fill in the gap. Something reliable to lean on. 
While studying biology I saw it happen often enough. Some of those smart students tried to convince me to side with them. Claiming that the impossibility, and superfluity of God is proven by Science and Technology.
I made the drawing below in the period when I discovered that some people actually substitute religion by having faith in science and technology. I made the drawing to express my sense of shock.
Little did I know that 21 years later, the writing of the previous post  -Forgiveness, the daughter of Love-  would make the drawing significant again, and bring back to my memory someone I met during my very very short career as aspirant psychiatric nurse. 
All this because I took a peek at the ideas, the axioma's, behind Scientology. 
It'll be the subject of my next post...

... initiated by the conclusion that Forgiveness is the daughter of Love.

The Western Culture considers itself better than primitive cultures 
with animal and human sacrifices

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